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Okay so I recently read an article on whether the invasion of Kpop will lead to the death of Jpop. Mmmh interesting. Jpop can NEVER die, and I’m not saying this as a Jpop fan (which I’m not) but as an honest to God opinion. Why? Well how can a genre named after a country die if the country still exists? If Japan is still there Jpop will always be there also. This got me thinking and lead me to want to share my story on how I found Kpop, because believe me, it’s a discovery    k


I first discovered Jpop or should I say Jrock before Kpop, and Continue reading


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SM has done it again, there gonna be a world autioning fo new talent. This is a chance for all those people out there with dreams and the talent, to show what they got and pray for the best.But unfortunately not everyone will be able to do so. The auditons will be held in Korea, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, USA  and Canada

I find it very depressing that South America and Africa weren’t included in the auditions. There is talent there, and huge fans of KPOP  (i should know). I dont find it too bad for Europe because i feel that North America and Australia pretty much represent the west  kpopulation (that a new terminology)

I know everyone wants the fame plus tonnes of adoring fans. But it so happens we don’t get to decide. One of the pros of being a kpop star is the outfits, who’s with me? Man they dress good. Whoever gets in has hit it big.

For those of us who can’t audition, lets leave it to our imagination. i picture myself chatting with the super junior members like old friends, after an awesome solo performance. I dream wild huh? But not to worry you can too. Please share your wildest fantasies with me, ’cause im sure there others who can relate.

To check out the audition trailer go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLWnKO-2NUM&feature=relmfu

I’d like to say goodluck to everyone auditioning, make us proud FIGHTING!