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I did it! CIEs long done, and I’m officially a graduate! *happy dance*. I know this is a chapter everyone wishes to pass, for the lucky few who already have cheers to us, and the ones who are yet to get there……don’t worry you will.

Long time I made it clear that this blog was for my miscellaneous activities, so now I’m blogging bout my happiness ^_^

This is a post I wish to share with my friends and fellow graduates, who have been through the same journey as I and know how hard it was to get here. For bearing with the sucky school we were in, fighting the odds (which were never in our favour) and successfully graduating.

I’m going to try to make this post understandable to my readers as give you the details on how my class was like. The past 2 years of a level were unforgettable (at least on my part). We had a rocky start with unstable teachers and of course little disputes between some of the female species and male species. Thing is my EX sc2013-10-30 13.10.06hool isn’t co-ed up until the last 2 years, so      let’s say things were weird.

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