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Hot new dramas have premiered and plenty more are still to come. so far I’m loving the choices i have, can someone say summers here!! (though it makes no difference where i am :/) on my radar was the tvn drama Marriage not Dating, after dramabeans kept m pumped up for it, and the high school romance with an angel, High School Love On.MarriageNotDating1

Marriage not dating is exactly what i expected and more *insert happy dance* its fun, zippy and has just enough heart, i love rom-coms. A man who does’nt want to get married and a woman who sees marriage as her perfect happy ever after. how the characters were made to meet left no room for secrets, it was basically “this is me and this is what you’ll get ” the start of a perfect romance.MarriageNotDating8

i know nothing of the actors, but now im wanting to know more.Han Groo won me over, her voices kinda whinny, but she won me over. Yeon Woo jins  a fine male specimen *blush blush* i love his acting here, i remember him from Arang and the Magistrate, hes character made my heart hurt.. second lead Jinwoon is as usual the perfect second lead,Han SunHwa is kinda freaky for my liking, she reaks of surgery, NOT PRETTY

all in all i cant believe nobody’s recapping this awesome drama! i absolutely cant make such a commitment, its a lot effort. i could try summarizing it a bit , with no picture,when i feel like it…………whys no one recapping it!!!!high-school-love-on-2

Secondly High school Love on, now im an avid kpop lover (proud ELF, grown EXOtic, as soon as JJCC get a fan name ill update this) so i was kind off excited to hear INFINITEs   WooHyun and SungYeol were cast in this, plus former child-child actor. th plot was quite interesting, i did not expect her to be a DEATH angel, its well played out and im already invested in it.

that said, the WORLD CUPS OVER!!! *SOB SOB* these last few weeks have been amazing,unpredictable, and heart wrenching,#focaBRASIL, hopefully 2018 will have better hope for me……..Russia we await you.

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