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I did it! CIEs long done, and I’m officially a graduate! *happy dance*. I know this is a chapter everyone wishes to pass, for the lucky few who already have cheers to us, and the ones who are yet to get there……don’t worry you will.

Long time I made it clear that this blog was for my miscellaneous activities, so now I’m blogging bout my happiness ^_^

This is a post I wish to share with my friends and fellow graduates, who have been through the same journey as I and know how hard it was to get here. For bearing with the sucky school we were in, fighting the odds (which were never in our favour) and successfully graduating.

I’m going to try to make this post understandable to my readers as give you the details on how my class was like. The past 2 years of a level were unforgettable (at least on my part). We had a rocky start with unstable teachers and of course little disputes between some of the female species and male species. Thing is my EX sc2013-10-30 13.10.06hool isn’t co-ed up until the last 2 years, so      let’s say things were weird.

Question is did things get better? Eventually yes. We went through events that unified us as a class *ahem phone snatching incident* and slowly but surely we got there. Though it was not until the graduation prepsthat I saw a ray of hope, talk about light at the end of the tunnel. We didn’t argue but shared ideas, heck people joked around! Discovery of people whom you have never spoken to your entire life, (me is so proud) *sniff sniff*

Imma try to pay homage to at least all the ladies in my class, no promises. We begin with the frontbenchers, they were so chilled and laid back and of a different variety, the crazy ones, sensible, smart one, and they blended quite well

The united quartet, seated in the front ever so silent in class but meet them when the sessions over and you’ll love them. Gods knows how they hit it off, though I guess we’ll never know. Though they lost a few members it didn’t get to them because they found ways around that__as I said united.

The pack of Indians ^_^ not to say they were the only ones, but they were concentrated in one area. It was like a subcontinent of its own. They were crazy, loud, bubby, bouncy even moody characters.

Let me be careful about thus particular group, they called themselves the cocktails, the history behind the name I know not but all the same respect. Where to begin? Balanced with the smart, crazy rebels and sensible. If you’re looking for the latest gossip info, you know where to go, because they had the FBI. Someone picked a fight with you, you know who to call for backup. Trying to solve a chemistry question, go to them. Even if you want to talk about the latest series, they’re your girls.

A trio, the Power Puff Girls I called them, blossom, Bubbles and buttercup, they had their characters in check. Never without each other, be it in class, during break, or in the exam room 😉 (You know what I mean)

Wonder where I belong? Well let me present to you the Backbenchers (2012-2014). My friends, companions, sister chromatids you name it. Being stuck at the back was no prob, cause we made our presence known no matter what, especially in Bio, cause we hadn’t the most bumbly and awesome teacher ever!!! . You know what they say the backbenchers are the coolest kids in class. Never would you find us angry or sad, cause were awesome like that. We may have been kina weird to the front society, but you know you loved us *wink wink*2014-02-11 15.35.46

Never had a fight with anyone, come to think of it guys maybe we should have. The drama queen, the caring headless chicken (weird I know), the chilled (maybe too chilled) daddy-long legs, the sweet mother hen,the bubbly artist (you’re still one off us) the baby older sister, and ME (it’s hard to name yourself). I love you GUYS!! NOMU NOMU SARANGHE ❤ ❤

Since we couldn’t talk about it in in the graduation speech, I’ll do it here……THE CLASS COUPLES.

We had a few, official and non-official. Since I can’t name names how about compound names? There was the first one, Rawafat, the whole class would agree, watching the slow progression was cute.

2nd Lilia, they came out of nowhere, but sadly didn’t last very long

3rd, Samir could you two just get hitched already! So much chemistry, pleaaassseeeee

4th my all-time favourite, Yasra *sigh*it’s a love destined before time, so subtle but in my book actions speak louder than words, and he sure did a lot of actions (360◦ turn anyone?) these two made our class come alive, with the endless teasing and all. I’m sure I speak for the whole class when I say… we pray for you.

Finally guys, I know we didn’t have the graduation we hoped for, but aIMG-20140704-WA0000ll that’s just material things. We rocked it out in our grad after party, and hopefully were walking away with only good memories, and keep contact…ALL OF YOU! I mean it, backbenchers, cocktails, whatever, you were all part of this experience, a piece of my life and no one wants to loose themselves right?


Ex science student


But forever a friend.

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2 thoughts on “VICTORY: ITS DONE

  1. Wow Misky!! I did not know you had the talent to express yourself in words. The post made me emotional. 🙂
    Although I have no idea which of the above groups I belong to. 😛
    Will miss you and everyone else… 🙂

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