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Appreciation for you <3

This is just an impromptu post, nothing serious. i happened to log in and saw the header that my “personal” blog designer put up, and i loved it! This blog will be so dead boring (if it already isn’t ) if it weren’t for the creative mind behind it. So i would deeply like to thank the mind behind the headers, wallpapers, the one who out of the goodness of her heart volunteered for this duty…..my lil sister 🙂 Kamsamnida Dongseng! 

Thanks for working for no pay, but doing a great job anyway. I hope everyone who comes along here also appreciates her tireless efforts, cause i do. 

So anywhoo t.c people, i don’t know when my next post will be, because I’ve got my annuals coming up, followed by my A level CIEs so im in full study mode (yeah right). hope all goes well for me and everyone else out there who will be sitting for them. till then ciao!