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Okay so recently I have been having serious trouble finishing dramas. This got me thinking as to why, are they just not good enough anymore or is it just I have outgrown them. Well the answer obviously isn’t the latter, I mean I still LOVE kdramas. So is it the dramas themselves? Due to certain circumstances I am not able (or don’t want to) watch every drama that premieres, so I read recaps instead. That’s supposed to make things easier but yet I still can’t get through the whole drama, I guess that’s commitment issues.

As of late such dramas include: Who are you ,Prosecutor princess, Gu family book (even with my love for Lee Seung gi), monster (which I’ve recently gotten through), Lady Jang ok Jang, I hear your voice, Masters sun, Level seven civil servant, Heirs (I don’t see any hope with this one), Unemployed romance (I just can’t). These are just to name a few.monstar

So I’ll try to break it down as to why I haven’t finished these dramas, maybe then I can understand better.

PROSECUTOR PRINCESS: hmmm, I got through a couple of episodes but I just wasn’t hooked enough, the lead actress, nor her character didn’t appeal to me, the mystery guy was never getting around to unveiling himself. Not to mention I just couldn’t get past lead actresses Kim Seo yeon hairstyle to enjoy the drama mean I just didn’t like it.

GU FAMILY BOOK: First things first, I LOVE LEE SUNG GI. There I said it, so as not confuse people and to show that sometimes no matter how much an actor appeals to you it just might not be enough to get through a drama. The funny thing about this drama is that I actually made it to the penultimate episode! I mean I just had one more to go, so what was wrong? Well perhaps I just didn’t care? It was trying after all those episodes, to get through another one I just couldn’t .all I cared about was Lee Seung gi as long as he was safe I couldn’t care about the rest. Daddy gumiho’s story I didn’t like how it ended, be it in life or death Seo Hwa didn’t deserve him, she was responsible for him ending up as an evil demon in the first place! To trust a scheming rapist bastard over a gumiho who was kind to you from the start, I’m sorry I just don’t get, she was just crazy. She didn’t deserve to end up with him any way whatsoever. Another factor could be my feelings for Suzy……..which are zero. I just don’t care for the girl, as an idol I find all the fuss over her unnecessary (to talk about that would require another post) and her acting mediocre. When I found out about her pairing with seung gi oppa I just froze, so it =s no surprise how my relationship with drama ended. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it up one day. Hey dreams can come true

The only characters i cared about

The only characters i cared about

MONSTER: Ok so this drama wasn’t bad, I liked it especially the musical element of it and me not finishing it on time was probably laziness. BUT when I finally got around to finishing it frankly I was disappointed. I didn’t get how it could end like that, I guess we can’t always get we want. Now that I think about it I probably shouldn’t have finished it *sigh*

JANG OK JANG: LIVE IN LOVE: Yoo Ah in. kyaaaaa soooooo cute! Crazy horse anyone? He in sageuk clothes again was absolutely great, even though he was cleaned up this time around. The drama started out promising, Kim tae he’s acting was good but then the drama it lost its way. Somewhere around the fifth episode it started dragging and I had to quit. In the future I hope Yoo ah in oppa can choose a better drama project because so far……..not so good

MASTERS SUN: the dramas concept was really interesting, I don’t necessarily love the leads So Ji sub and Gong Hyo jin, so I tuned in purely for the entertainment. Trust me when I said I was entertained, up until so ji sub got stabbed and got that amnesia thing. From there on I got bored, so I dropped it. Simple.Master-s-Sun-masters-sun-35666196-1280-690


HEIRS:  Lee Min ho, Park Shin Hye, Kang Min hyuk, Kim Woo bin, Choi Jin hyuk are just of the few big names that headlined this drama. There was sooo much buzz even before people were casted and even I was kind of excited. When the rumour was that they would be college students, I couldn’t wait it was something that hadn’t been before, so imagine my disappointed when it was confirmed that it’ll be a high school drama. Lee Min ho is getting to old to be in high school, he should focus more on adult roles. The only believable high schoolers were Park Shin hye, Kang Min hyuk and Krystal. Just because the writer was the same one who wrote boys over flowers, didn’t mean it had to be the same thing! Creativity anyone? This has been done before and frankly I’m tired. Poor girl, rich boy in the rich world, rich people problems, Agh! I’m tired. I tuned in for curiosity’s sake (ok I have a thing for Kang Min hyuk) four episodes in and having confirmed it was nothing special, I quietly tuned out, and I don’t regret it. If I want to get a kang Min hyuk fix I can just YouTube fan made videos right?

UNEMPLOYED ROMANCE: With this drama I went in totally blindfolded I didn’t even read the plot summary. It looked cute. I loved the first episodes her romance with the second lead was great and I loved it. Then they did the most outrageous thing! They had a main lead! I mean how? Why? I love Seo Jun Yeong was there I need for the other guy? They shouldn’t have made me fall in love with him then take him away. He got the girl fair and square, with his sweetness and thoughtfulness *sob sob*. First loves suck, and they’re totally overrated. I hope Seo Jun Yeong gets a drama were he can be shining main lead. Amen .PS does anyone know if perhaps she did end up with him (wishful thinking I know)

That’s it for me, the years ending those are just a few of the unfinished dramas of the year. Let me know if any of you experienced the same. Thanks, ‘till next time.him


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