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Okay so recently I have been having serious trouble finishing dramas. This got me thinking as to why, are they just not good enough anymore or is it just I have outgrown them. Well the answer obviously isn’t the latter, I mean I still LOVE kdramas. So is it the dramas themselves? Due to certain circumstances I am not able (or don’t want to) watch every drama that premieres, so I read recaps instead. That’s supposed to make things easier but yet I still can’t get through the whole drama, I guess that’s commitment issues.

As of late such dramas include: Who are you ,Prosecutor princess, Gu family book (even with my love for Lee Seung gi), monster (which I’ve recently gotten through), Lady Jang ok Jang, I hear your voice, Masters sun, Level seven civil servant, Heirs (I don’t see any hope with this one), Unemployed romance (I just can’t). These are just to name a few.monstar

So I’ll try to break it down as to why I haven’t finished these dramas Continue reading