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Okay so I recently read an article on whether the invasion of Kpop will lead to the death of Jpop. Mmmh interesting. Jpop can NEVER die, and I’m not saying this as a Jpop fan (which I’m not) but as an honest to God opinion. Why? Well how can a genre named after a country die if the country still exists? If Japan is still there Jpop will always be there also. This got me thinking and lead me to want to share my story on how I found Kpop, because believe me, it’s a discovery    k


I first discovered Jpop or should I say Jrock before Kpop, and my response wasn’t that nice. I didn’t find the song, music or artists came across very appealing (I Hope I don’t get any haters from this). After my initial reaction to Jpop, my brother introduced to another Japanese culture ANIME! While he was the one obsessed with Naruto and Bleach, to my credit I did enjoy Death Note. I only dropped in to listen to the intro and ending songs, and you know what I LIKED them, even the rock. Also I developed a liking to Joe Inoue. My elder  sister the ever so inquisitive began to wonder about these voices she only heard, who were they?  And Lo Behold we found Arashi, KAT-TUN and HEY HEY SAY JUMP! Could we call ourselves fans? Not exactly, just curious.hugb


Not so long after, Kpop came into my life, and what can I say? I welcomed it with open arms. It was the mixture of colours, fashion, dance and the catchy music that got me hooked, how could I resist.

I entered the world of Kpop at the time SNSD was making it big, and all me and my sisters would sing all day was Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby. *Sigh* I was entranced. My number one reason for loving Kpop was their dances; I could spend time learning the moves just so I could dance along with them.

Up until then I wasn’t really a fan of any particular Kpop group but of the genre itself. Well until Super Junior came in, they were, are amazing. And now I can officially declare myself an ELF. And as any crazy obsessed fan girl would do, I set about trying to convert my friends. Who knew all it took was a music video of Super Juniors Mr Simple to get the job done. And now i can proudly say I have recruited about ten new ELFs.

I never realized how much effort these idols put into succeeding. Spending months, sometimes years in training waiting for that day when they can debut. Appearing in variety shows, CFs, advertisements, dramas (that’s another discussion) and singing in different languages to appeal to all their fans, that is dedication.SNSD-Girls-Generation-2013-Background-HD-Wallpaper-1080x607

Wait up for the second part of ‘My Journey into Kpop Fandom’



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