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Queen Seondeok Epi 50 (my thoughts)

Episode 50 took me by surprise, i knew it was going to happen but it was too sudden. Misil’s death. I must say with all her antics and the times I wished her dead, I had great respect for the lady. I thank the director for making her death fitting and perfect for her, i can say she died with grace.


Deokman tried to build an alliance with misil, because no matter what she knows Misil is the best. Misil’s reply really struck me, and made me see her in a whole new light. For her Silla was not just a nation but her life, her lover. She asked Deokman would she ever share her lover? Man that’s deep. You could see the passion and sincerity in her eyes, which were almost filled with tears. (she’s a pretty good actress).


I think the episode tried to do its best, to give us the full down low on Misil. It was for us to get everything about her, it answered our questions and gave us more questions, and truly Misil was a complex character.


I’m still not sure what made her decide to end everything, what made it the end. Was it her love for Silla or was she tired?


Again pain was inflicted on Bidam, he got to witness his mom die right in front of him. Misil oh misil, do you know what Bidam asked her? He asked would she ask him to call her mom, ask for forgiveness or tell him she loved him. I mean after all that he still wants love from her? But misil with the little energy laughed at him, i mean she actually laughed. I kept wondering was she just being herself or didn’t she want to portray her true emotions.


To her love was giving and more giving, something she couldn’t possibly do. to make things worst was that she told Bidam that’s his fate, to keep giving Deokman and get nothing. But my dear Bidam is not stupid, he knows his love may never be reciprocated, but he will always stay by her said because Deokman is just a person but Silla itself. Hah in your face dying Misil.


The great lady Misil died strong as ever, sitting on a royal throne, eyes closed looking deadly beautiful, peaceful and regal. Long live  


Deokman’s thoughts when she saw her “I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for you Misil. Goodbye Misil…. Goodbye to your era”


I don’t hate the director but I wonder what will be the story now with Misil gone from the scene?


I hope I can write some more because this drama, is really something, you don’t know what to expect.    


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Queen Seondeok epi 49 ( my angst)

My heart felt like it was going to burst, watching Bidam torn between his love for Deokman and unfortunately his mom – Misil. I prayed that he dies quickly to less complicate and hurt him. The episode warmed me at first but the director had to go spoil it for me with the whole betrayal thing, curse the director.

How dare the director introduce a character like Bidam to us then make us loose him? If he’s trying to make us choose he’s failing Bidam all the way!!

And how dare Yusin suspect Bidam though he was going to betray them he had no right. Give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s been with them all the way and now doubt him puhlease.

Misil confuses  me, i hate how she keeps torturing our poor Bidam. Can’t she just be plain evil and mean, so he can hate her peacefully.But no shows him love then dumps him just like that. I mean he’s got a troubled childhood , he does not need her to ruin his life more. To have Misil as a mother can ruin anyones life.

Let him be happy in love with Deokman even if the love may not be reciprocated. And again curses to the director and writer. What does deokman feel for Bidam ?I’m confused.

Saeguks can be very annoying. People may hate me for what I’m about to say, but i hope everyday that yusin dies. he’s all boring and stuff, that hairdo seriously who does that? Anyway thats my view.

I can’t believe here i am at night pouring my heart out. I couldnt slep my thought are always on Bidam. What will he do next betray them ? hope not.

So far my experience with saeguks (historical dramas)  have not been great, no they’ve been terrible.

Jumong: it ends with Sosuno leaving with her kids

The land of wind another Song Il Gook drama Yeon the woman he loves, dies.

Emperor of the sea( i admit im obsessed with Song Il Gook): Yum moon Song’s character dies. Where’s the justice in this world?. Can i mention that Jang bogo was has got to be the most boring guy in the history of man ? He and that girl deserved each other. Anyone who has watched Emperor of the sea will understand. Yusin is even better- maybe.

Anyhoo before a launch on, let me continue.

Chuno- Slave hunters: Daegil dies. Boy  i cried,  just thinking makes me wanna cry . im getting a twitch in my eye.

You can’t blame a girl for being negative after such traumatic experiences, (sigh) but i still watch them. WHY !!

If anyone reads this please send a prayer to me , imma need it for the journey ahead. I should sleep now, i need my strength. Stop thinking about Bidam (sorry that was for me). Who am i kidding i just did.

Ps: please leave a comment, words of comfort maybe. Thanks cyber world, thanks for reading.