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The land of wind episode 11 synopsis


This episode begins with the duo, Muhyool and Maro making their way to Goguryeo to fulfill his long awaited dream to kill King Yuri. They arrive at the Pyung yung plains where Prince Hae myung was killed. We all know that Muhyool is quite sensitive so he needed a moment with the dead. Contrast to the way it was during Hae myung’s killing, the plains were bare, but know they are full of long beautiful flowers, huuh I loved the scene. He sat there talking to what I suppose is Hae Myung’s spirit; He says that even though time has passed his feelings haven’t changed and that that he shall avenge his death.

Meanwhile Yuri awakes from a bad dream, in which Hae myung tells him to let him go. He decides to go to Hae ap, he asks her how his spies are doing in Goguryeo. After being assured that they’re okay, he confides about his dream to her. In his dream Hae myung was crying, asking him why he hasn’t avenged his death. Hae ap tells him not to worry, that Hae myung understands him.

Muhyool and Maro have already arrived at the Buyeoh market; they bump into Yuhjin who has again snuck out of the palace. Yuhjin asks if he has seen them before, if you can remember they had met the other time when Muhyool worked for Hae myung. But of course they say no and quickly walk away.

Muhyool and Maro arrive at a Huk young hideout, which I suppose acts as something else because it’s right in the market place. They enter inside and request to see a man called ban yah. While the man goes off to call him, Muhyool notices that he’s shoes are placed in the same direction as Goguryeo people. Buyeoh spies were them in the opposite direction, so technically the man is not a spy. This proves that Muhyool’s guard is never down, not only is he handsome but also smart.

So he silently informs Maro and the fight begins. Obviously they win and they safely escape. It so happens that Hye ap had discovered the hide out, and had killed all the spies and there for replacing them with Goguryeo

Yeon is shown running around biren g chased by Buyeoh soldiers, she reaches a hill and slips and rolls down

Prince Yuhjin and Chul balso sneak back into the palace by jumping over a wall, but their caught. Their brought infront of the queen, where Chul balso is scolded. Yuhjin defends him saying that it’s all his fault. Yuhjin is not forgotten for he too get s a taste of his mothers medicine.

Hye ap is informed about the fight and they had to the hide out.

Muhyool wants to meet up with Mah wang to ask for his help, but when he arrives at his residence he sees Bae geuk leaving the house, so he changes his mind. Bae guek had learned about Yuhjin out goings, so as a means of getting through to hae ap he plans to use Yuhjin. He plans to kill the prince since he may turn against them

Yuhji wants to get out the palace again, the guy can’t learn his lesson his either stupid al just an adventurous. But chul balso absolutely refuses to escort him but that doesn’t put him off because he brings his attendant Yeon hwa with him. The girl is willing to do anything for him thewy make such a lovely couple. The go to the market where Yuhjin buys her a beautiful; ornament and tells her he wishes to run of with her. This two just lighten the whole atmosphere, they are sweet and young, and they give you a break from all the serious stuff. He notices that somebody is following them so he grabs Yeon hwa and they run off. Thinking that they had escaped the stalker they breathe they breathe a sigh of relive and start laughing. Yuhjin tells her that when she’s with him she doesn’t need to worry for he will protect her, but the danger is not over as the stalker had managed to follow them and plans to kill the prince.

When all hope was lost Muhyool and Maro arrive and kill the stupid noncom poop YAAY!  (I’m Muhyool’s biggest fan!)Yuhjin thanks them, but Muhyool’s aim was not to save him for his sake but to kidnap him. Here I was cheering and praising Muhyool, then he drops the bomb! I mean seriously ughh but I can’t hate him.

When the palace finds out about Yuhjin’s disappearance, Hye ap and General Gweyu set of to the crime scene. While searching for clues they discover a weapon used by the Biryu tribe.

They decide to go the Biryu residence to check if Yuhjin’s there. They burst in and check every room, but no luck. I think this was kind of stupid, if Bae guk had really kidnapped Yuhjin, why would he keep him in his house? That would be dumb. Bae guk is outraged and tells her if she couldn’t take care of the prince, she’d better just resign as the officer of intelligence or else the Biryu troops at the border will be withdrawn.

Muhyool and Maro had safely hidden Yuhjin and Yeon Hwa somewhere in the outskirts of town. In order to get his message across to Yuri, Muhyool lets Yeon Hwa go, to send it to Yuri.: if Yuri doesn’t go to where he is alone, Yuhjin will die.

At Master Ma Hwang’s a slave is taken ill

While all this is going on, Yuhjin and Muhyool are have a one on one, mano e mano, talk. Yuhjin has finally realized where he had seen Muhyool. He asks him if he was once escorted Hae myung how he can do this to Goguryeo. Muhyool then launches of about how that

“Brotherhood is between people who share a bond, Hae myung was like a father and brother to me, what have you done for the prince? Aren’t you curious if King Yuri will come and save you? And if he does I’ll get my revenge”

“How dare you test the king!, why are you doing this?”

“I had no parents or siblings only Prince Hae myung. Yuri didn’t save him; even animals risk their lives for their children”

And with that we end this episode of the historical drama the land of wind.