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EPISODE 10- The land of wind

Last time we ended up with Daeso ordering Dojin, Muhyool and Maro to assassinate Lord Takrok the trio were definitely shocked with this news especially poor Dojin. The Lord was like his father, he’s Yeon’s father for Pete’s sake! Muhyool doesn’t feel much different, but orders are orders. Lord Takrok is aware of this plot and orders Yeon to leave and lies that he’ll meet up with her later.

Dojin and the rest reach the Lords house ambushes it and enter. Dojin enters the Lords room, he’ there waiting. The Lord tells him he knows why they’re here, and that he has been waiting for them he also requests that Dojin kills him himself so as to win Daeso’s favor.(he’s so thoughtful even tiil the end ,sniff). He apologizes for not being able to prove Dojin’s innocence to Daeso and asks him to protect and tack care of Yeon, at this moment I kind of hated Dojin; I mean he’s going to kill the father of the woman he loves!  How bad is that, to prove his innocence? Is it worth Yeon’s grievance? I think not. So our dear Lord Takrok kneels before Dojin and awaits his death, Dojin raise his sword says sorry and strikes him (sniff) he lay there motionless on the floor, I was bursting with anger and sadness. CURSE YOU DOJIN!!!!

The other assassins look for Yeon, a guard tells them that she has escaped so of course they go after her. But Muhyool is not missing from the action and is there for the rescue. He and Maro also head of to rescue the damsel, sorry lady. Yeon informs her steward that they are going the wrong way, the guy tells her no it’s correct they are headed to the Buyeoh border. Well, this is news to her, she asks him why, so he hands her a letter from her father. In the letter he tells her that right now he’s probably dead and that it’s Daeso’s doing, but she shouldn’t resent him. He ends by saying that he wants her to live a life filled with happiness. While she sits there on her horse wasting time, the assassins catch up, the poor steward is killed. She stands there with her eyes wide open, just then she hears the galloping sound of horses, it’s our dear Muhyool and his sidekick Maro coming to the rescue YAAAY! After a fearsome fight the enemies defeated, Muhyool lifted her onto the horse with words of farewell that he will find her no matter where she is, and she gallops of. This scene really got me going showing Muhyool’s Unwavering love for her; no matter where she is he is prepared to look for her.

The assassins return to Buyeoh, and informed Daeso that Yeon has escaped to Goguryeo. Due to his feelings towards Yeon he tells them to give up their search. Back in Goguryeo our sweet and cute prince Yuhjin orders Chul balso to escort him out of the palace without his mothers permission .I suppose he gets quite lonely in there and he is a growing boy he needs to explore.  So they headed off to the market, the sneaky Chul balso takes the innocent Yuhjin to a kisaeng house. As a way of proving himself Yuhjin enters but doesn’t last ten minutes in there as he runs off. It must have been very uncomfortable, all those girls touching him ugh.

The Jebujoie is appointed as the head of the hukyoung centre and appoints Mahwang as his personal spy, we all know that Mahwang has worked for him before, framing lord Takrok.  The trio is aware of his disloyalty but they don’t know who he works for, so when they are sleeping, and Mahwang sneaks out they follow him out. They catch him and question him on who he works for, he refuses to mention the name and so Dojin takes matters into his hands and beats him up, and stores him away.(hand claps people).In Goguryeo Yuri is informed on Lord Takrok’s death.

The Jebujoie as a means of getting rid of Dojin sends him off to Shinto infiltrate and build a hukyoung base there. Dojin and Muhyool have a talk the night before he leaves. Dojin tell him that he’ll come back to prove himself, how close the two of them are, finally he hands Muhyool a parchment which contains his plans and strategies. So the next day the journey begins, when night falls they stop to amp, and what do you know, Dojin kills every man there and escapes. one for Dojin nil for Jebujoie!

Our dear princes Seryu returns from Gisan, her husband, the chief had died. She and Yuri reunite lovingly, he asks her to forgive him for using her (awwww).She meets up with Haeap and hands her a map, showing the Hukyoung base. She was hard at work in Gisan, She tells her that she has a spy in the base and that after a month she should go and meet him to get information. One month passes, and Haeap and Gweyu head of to Buyeoh, they arrive and wait.

At the base Muhyool and Maro see the spy sneaking out, so they follow him. They catch up with him and question him, he tells them he’s a spy of Goguryeo and that since they are also from there they can both go back home. Yuri will make them rich. Upon the mention of Yuri Muhyool gets angry and starts beating the spy. The thing about Muhyool is that when he’s angry, he still manages to look quite handsome, I like. They are soon met up with Some Hukyoungs, who see what they have done to their fellow countrymen and are impressed. Daeso is informed on they’re doing, so he gives them another mission, one of great importance and top secret-eliminate Yuri, if they succeed they shall become aristocrats dun dun dun.

This episode had everything love, betrayal, treachery I loved i. especially the fact that Seryu is back, I just love her, shes strong , brave and beautiful. E al saw the sparks between her and General Gweyu, I keep my fingers crossed something good happens.

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land of wind episode 9

Well, this episode begins with the lord Takrok’s plans to assassinate the Shin ambassador who plans to visit Goguryeo. So he sends Muhyool, Dojin, Maro and Yeon to do the job. Yeon is appointed to do some inside work, so she gets appointed to be a court maid. While she gets assigned Chul Balso notices her and recognizes her, upon asking her if he’s seen her before she says no but he still believes that he has.

When night arrives Muhyool and Dojin poison the guards guarding the storage room and enter inside. In there they find the drinks which will be drunk at the party and they poison them also. While Muhyool is wandering in the palace he sees King Yuri outside ,anger feels him up and he’s JUST about to charge and strike him but Dojin interferes and stops him, I was holding my breath the  whole time, thank lord for Dojin he came heaven sent. Dojin reminds him of their mission and that Muhyool has to wait to get his revenge – The time will come.

Haeap and some guards find the poisoned guards’ A unconscious on the ground, when they check them they discover that it was hukyoung poison that was used. Haeap warns Yuri against the party but of course he refuses not to go. While the Queen is inspecting the court maids she spies Yeon and well, she must have been impressed by her as she chooses her to serve the wine to the king and senator. Woo hoo go team Muhyool, but poor team Yuri. When preparing the wine glasses Yeon quickly puts some poison in the glasses, sneaky girl.

Finally, the ceremony, everything goes well the senators and Yuri enter and get seated, and somehow Dojin and Muhyool get themselves in the invitation list and are also seated. Yeon enters the room with the wine and just when she’s about to pour the wine in the glasses, Yuhjin interrupts. He has specially made wine glasses for the ceremony, isn’t that sweet? So the wine had to be poured in those poison less glasses dun dun dun but no fear for Yeon is here because when the senator drinks the wine he chokes out blood and dies, mission accomplished. Hell breaks loose as everyone is screaming, guards are charging everywhere. Muhyool and Dojin fight their way out and together with Maro and rescue Yeon.

I’m kind of happy that they made it, for Muhyool’s sake yaay. But hold on alls not well as our dear Yeon has been hurt but she tries to hide and oh so lovingly and devotedly deals with Muhyool’s mild wound. Dojin notices the wound and drags Yeon away to heal it awww. Muhyool watches as he does this and his hurt is torn. Maro reaches out to him and offers him some advice- to forget Yeon (ouch)

They soon reach Buyeoh and are happily welcomed by King Daeso, as a sign of accomplishment he offers them a drink of wine. He pours them all drinks but when he reaches Dojin he skips him oooo we can clearly see the disappointment in Dojin’s eyes. Jebujoie is feeling threatened by Lord Takrok’s achievements and plans for his downfall. Muhyool and Dojin get to talking, Dojin tells him the reason why King Daeso skipped him. It seems that Dojin’s father who was a known general was a traitor of Buyeoh and as he is the son he is also considered a traitor too. The reason why he left to be a hukyoung was to prove himself to Daeso, such drama.

Daeso is on a hunting trip and he is attacked by an assassin, luckily he comes to no harm, but that doesn’t reduce his anger on bit. He orders for the assassin to be caught and what do you know he is caught and after a series of torturing he confesses who hired him……. Lord Takrok’s! King Daeso can’t believe it but with Jebujoie in his ears he’s convinced. Now we all know this is not true it’s all Jebujoie’s doing but of course they don’t! ugh the frustration of it all. To get back at him Daeso calls for Muhyool and the gang, their new mission-to kill Lord Takrok’s dun dun dun…..

I really liked this episode except for the whole Lord Takrok killing but generally I loved it. The whole time they were in Goguryeo I was praying for a safe mission and also praying for Yuri’s safety I love both father and son, somebody cuff me.