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The Land Of Wind

the land of wind is a sensational historical drama staring song il gook , i tried my best to write in detail the episodes this is my first time i hope a do well..


episode 7 starts with king taeso demanding that prince haem yung surrenders himself to him or the war will begin.now of course king yuri refuses to its his beloved son and he’s prepared to rage war with buyeoh. The senate beg yuri to see reason n submit haemyung. Prince haemyung leaves their hideout and goes to fort Guknae to inform his dear father that he wants to surrender to save his people. times klike this you feel like hating the guy hes just to good to live. Well yuri orders his guards to confine the prince so he wont try to go to buyeoh (ah some fatherly love).

Our very brave and awesome princess seryu goes and asks muhyools gang to free her brother. When they arive at  his quarter the guard tells them he already left worry fills muhyool and haeaps faces, the bond is so strong. Baeguk stops haemyung pretending  to be worried and guess wahat he so bravely offers to escort him to buyeoh the creep. So of course muhyool and the gang go after him, yuri is not far of behind. Now since yuri had orderd that nobody be allowed to leave goguryeo, muhyool and the gang are stopped and that lead to a fight yaayyyy !!!!!! i just love seeing cute korean guys showing of some moves, but my celebration doesnt last for long bacause my dear muhyool gets stabed and falls unconscious

Haemyung arrives at the pyung yung plains where daeso has set up his army’s camp. daeso is surprised when the jebujoie informs him on haemyungs arrival. He asks if yuri sent him, of course not seriously he has no idea on how its like to be a father.So daeso in all his glory goes out to see haemyung. this scene is so sad as we are shown yuri desperatly riding to save his son. lord takrok and yeon watch while all this happens. Daeso starts telling haemyung that he warned him and now he has to pay so he tells him to stab himsef. Jebujoie hands him a dagger. Haemyung kneels down about to strike at this point i was holding my breath and i could see everyone was. Just as he was about to strike and end his dear life, Yuri arrives shouting STOP!, he quickly runs to his sons side, everything was so emotional. Now i know we all hate daeso but he makes us hate him more everyday he starts telling our dear yuri that he always keeps his promises and that he told him to teach his son some manners.Theres a lot of crying in this scene haemyung asks his dad for forgiveness then, yes people he stabs himself. God yuri was so pitiful i had tears in my eyes, we also witness the kings right hand man gu chu ‘s love for the prince. While all this was happening muhyool is laying in bed, he finaly wakes up and the first thing he asks about is of course  haemyung. now guess what he was stroke on the exact spot where he had placed the whistling arrow. when he is told that haemyung i s dead he gets hysterical and comes to the conclusion that its all yuris doing.

“Buyeoh is not my enemy but yuri is and i vow to avenge the crown princes death”

Baeguk goes to their camp and informs them that yuri wants to meet them, Muhyool arrive and says that they wont go, but the dear general agrees and they set out and lo behold baeguk is not to be trusted he led them all into an ambush and a fight breaks out the general is stabbed and dies muhyool is filled with anger and wants to fight but haeap orders maro to take him away.while running they come across some hukyoungs and they chased and caught.